Dating an Asian-American Christian

Dating apps and social media continuously change the dating landscape. How is somebody supposed to find a suitable partner to spend their time?


People often look for partners who share similar values. If you value things like family, fellowships, and community support, you may find happiness in dating an Asian-American Christian. From Japan to Thailand and South Korea to Indonesia, the cultures of Asia are diverse and can be quite different from each other. However, there are many things they share in common.

Most Asian cultures emphasize respect for elders. Asian families also seem to have a stronger sense of family when compared to the average American household. Asian-American children are more likely to live in a home with their parents and grandparents. Remember that when you’re dating a person, you’re not only dating that individual but you are also involved in the lives of their family. The latter is almost a sure thing if the person you are dating is an Asian-American Christian.

Since Asians came to the United States throughout various times in history, you may find it challenging to communicate with your partner’s family depending on their language ability. Older generations who didn’t get the chance to learn a lot of English are more prone to such situations. If you learn about the culture and language of your partner, it shows how much you care about, and value, your relationship.

Depending on the person you are dating, you can also expect to be involved in some activities at church. As such this is an excellent way to learn more about your partner, what they expect from your relationships, and the people he or she cares about (like marriage, children, and life goals). After all, people often say that we are a combination of the five people we spend the most time. You can get a better understanding of your partner by understanding their friends and what they care.

Some Asian-Americans go to churches that have a variety of different types of people (like Caucasian, African-American, Latino, ). Others may be involved in Churches that are almost exclusively one culture — there are mixed Korean, Taiwanese, and Filipino churches scattered all over the nation. Depending on your cultural background, this may be a bit intimidating at first. Nobody wants to stick out like a sore thumb! When entering this type of environment, it’s best to go in with an open mind. Most churches are very welcoming and love to have new members.

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