Possibilities of Dating an Asian Christian in Asia

Being a Christian is one of the most challenging things one can endure in Asia. That’s because the majority of the Asian countries are strong adherents of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, among other religions. There are reports over the past few decades of Christians being tortured, repressed, and even imprisoned in such countries.

There are strict laws in various Asian countries on religion. Also, and reported incidences of persecution to make it look almost impossible to find an Asian Christian in Asia whom you can date and hopefully marry. However, are many parts of Asia openly practice Christianity and people are allowed to date freely without religious barriers?

Do all Asian Americans think the same when it comes to dating

Below we will look at different facts about dating Christians in Asian countries. Some of the rules might shed some light on the possibility of dating an Asian, whether you are an Asian or expat.

A Closer Look at Relationships and Dating From a Human Perspective

Love is something that comes naturally. And it knows no race, color, religion, or social status or barriers. It’s also quite understandable that not all Asians in their respective countries will subscribe to the nation’s ordinary or official religion(s).

Though Christianity is not-so-popular in Asia, there are still a sizable number of Christians in some Asian countries. Among the Christian population in those countries, it’s reasonably apparent that several Asian-Christians are dating, married, or looking for love.

So looking at it from the human perspective, it is possible to date or gets into a relationship with an Asian who is a Christian. It is way easier to pursue a romantic relationship with someone practicing the same religion as you (in this case, Christian). Perhaps the only pressing question would be where and how to do it.

Countries in Asia where you can comfortably date an Asian-Christian

Asian religions by percentage- Asian dating possibilities reviews

Many Asian countries allow open practicing of religion, hence making dating a native Christian quite convenient. Some of these countries include the Philippines, China, India, Indonesia, Australia, and South Korea. As with many other countries, many single Christians are looking or praying for love and so finding someone to date can’t be too much of a hassle.

There are some countries though, where practicing Christianity is almost impossible because of extreme persecutions and incarcerations of Christians, even their very natives. Such states are North Korea, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia. Secret Christian dating might work in such places but getting caught might cause you and your lover to face substantial consequences.

Trying a Hand in Online Dating

If you are an Asian or expat desperately looking for love in Asia, you can try signing up to Asian-based online dating platforms. Some sites like www.asiandatingsitereviews.net specifically connect you to platforms for single Christian Asians to meet, exchange contacts, and plan for physical dates.

The good thing about online dating is that you can find or interact with people from different places and cultural backgrounds in Asia. Consequently, this gives you unlimited options when it comes to choosing your perfect Christian match, whom you can date, marry, and possibly have a family within the future.

Dating a Christian in Asia is something that can be confusing. However, one thing is clear; where love is, there are no barriers, not even religion that can bar people from dating. So yes, you can find love also being an Asian-Christian in Asia.

Dating an Asian-American Christian

Dating apps and social media continuously change the dating landscape. How is somebody supposed to find a suitable partner to spend their time?


People often look for partners who share similar values. If you value things like family, fellowships, and community support, you may find happiness in dating an Asian-American Christian. From Japan to Thailand and South Korea to Indonesia, the cultures of Asia are diverse and can be quite different from each other. However, there are many things they share in common.

Most Asian cultures emphasize respect for elders. Asian families also seem to have a stronger sense of family when compared to the average American household. Asian-American children are more likely to live in a home with their parents and grandparents. Remember that when you’re dating a person, you’re not only dating that individual but you are also involved in the lives of their family. The latter is almost a sure thing if the person you are dating is an Asian-American Christian.

Since Asians came to the United States throughout various times in history, you may find it challenging to communicate with your partner’s family depending on their language ability. Older generations who didn’t get the chance to learn a lot of English are more prone to such situations. If you learn about the culture and language of your partner, it shows how much you care about, and value, your relationship.

Depending on the person you are dating, you can also expect to be involved in some activities at church. As such this is an excellent way to learn more about your partner, what they expect from your relationships, and the people he or she cares about (like marriage, children, and life goals). After all, people often say that we are a combination of the five people we spend the most time. You can get a better understanding of your partner by understanding their friends and what they care.

Some Asian-Americans go to churches that have a variety of different types of people (like Caucasian, African-American, Latino, ). Others may be involved in Churches that are almost exclusively one culture — there are mixed Korean, Taiwanese, and Filipino churches scattered all over the nation. Depending on your cultural background, this may be a bit intimidating at first. Nobody wants to stick out like a sore thumb! When entering this type of environment, it’s best to go in with an open mind. Most churches are very welcoming and love to have new members.

How can you improve your life while being single?

Being single is not a curse but an opportunity to be a better person. Different mindsets may prevail while you are single, but you need to cultivate the right one. If you are dreaming of getting married and have a successful relationship, then it all starts with self-development.

What I mean by this is to start digging into your inner consciousness to see why certain things are not working in your life as you have planned. Maybe you had lots of plans, and at a certain point, you find yourself stuck somewhere and unable to move.

The first step might probably be to start taking challenges. Go out of your comfort zone and achieve things that you have thought to be complicated or unachievable in the past. As such, you will become more prepared to face the challenges of living in a relationship.

Stay tuned, we are coming up with more amazing ideas specific to Asian Christians and dating in Asia.