Asian Christian Review vol. 5 no. 1 Catholic Moral Theology in a Pluralistic World Feature Catholic Ethics in Manifold Voices: An Interview with James Keenan, SJ. Articles Roland Tuazon, CM, "Pakikipagkapwa" and Its Transformative Potential: An Anadialectical Interpretation. Vimal Tirimanna, CSsR, Doing Ethics in a Context of Violence and Political Upheaval: The Role of the Media from a Sri Lankan Perspective. Stephen Fernandes, The Challenge of Humanizing Healthcare in a Pluralistic Society: The Indian Scenario. Lucas Chan, SJ, Bridging Christian and Confucian Ethics: Is the Bridge Adequately Catholic and East Asian? Augustine Kalleley, Reinterpreting the Personal Emphasis in Marriage from a South Indian Perspective. Eugine Rodrigues, BS, Is Religious Freedom Threatened? The Relevance of Dignitatis Humanae for India's Mutil-Religious Context. Zhao Dong, When Jesus Meets the Rural Gods and Folks: A Case Study of Wu Bian Village in Northeast China. Summer 2011