Asian Christian Review Vol. 2, No. 2&3 Special Issue on Christian-Muslim Relations Feature: Interview with Michael L. Fitzgerald, M Afr Papal Nuncio to Egypt and Delegate to the Arab League Interview with Ahmad Syafii Maarif Ramon Magsaysay Award Winner 2008 Waging Peace through Interfaith Dialogue and Cooperation Ahmad Syafii Maarif Viewpoints: Jews, Christians and Muslims: The Quest for Human Solidarity Prince El Hassan bin Talal Some Aspects of Christian Theologizing in relation to Islam Daniel Madigan, SJ A New Approach to Christian-Muslim Relations Bernard Adeney-Risakotta Articles: An Uncommon Call: Prospect for a New Dialogue with Islam? Douglas Pratt Christian-Muslim Dialogue in Mindanao Amado L. Picardal, CSsR Christian-Muslim Dialogue in India Paul Jackson, SJ From Tolerance to Dialogue: A Muslim Perspective on Interfaith Dialogue with Christians Amir Hussain Salvation and Inqadh: Two Theological Doctrines in Religions and their Contemporary Implication in Understanding Islamic Penal Code Ibrahim Zein Desperately Needed: Dialogue among Judaism, Christianity, Islam Leonard Swidler Globalisation, Western and Islamic, into the 21st Century: Perspectives from Southeast Asia and Beyond Peter G. Rideell Summer/Winter 2008 Click the button below to read the Editorial