Asian Christian Review vol.1 no.2 Feature Kiyoshi Seko Camilo Maccise, OCD Jose Maria Arnaiz, SM Maria Clara L. Bingemer Reflections on CELAM V Viewpoints Aloysius Pieris, SJ Jon Sobrino and Theology of Liberation Articles Anselm K. Min Liberating Political Theology Today: Elements of a New Pradigm Rekha M. Chennattu, RA Break the Word and Build the Community: Reflections on the Eucharist in John's Gospel Edmund Chia Asian Theology of Religious Pluralism Jose Mario C. Francisco,SJ Translating Christianity into Asian Toungues: Cultural Dynamics and Theological Issues Book Review Kwok Pui-lan Body and Sexuality Ed. by Agnes M. Brazal and Andrea Lizares Si Summer 2007 Click the button below to read the Editorial.